Monday, February 14, 2011

New Beginings

This is for you Tricia Graves. I know what I promised, and its only the 2nd month of 2011 so I'm finally doing it. You can thank Sale later for keeping me up with his snoring so I could do an update. :) Here it is.... the last 10 months of the Fonotisatele family. I'll start where I left off... last spring.
Our last summer BBQ with our married student ward and Bishopric. This is just a few of the many friends we will always remember. So many fun times and memories. I sure miss the life of the student ward sometimes.
"Our Summer"

We got new family pictures last July. So much fun with a 2yr old. Yikes! Thanks to my friend Cathy Wall, she was able to catch a few good ones. She was so patient with the monkey.
Halia's cousins making faces at her to make her smile.
What was I trying to do with that hair? I imagined it looking better in my head. She is still so cute.
We spent a lot of time at parks letting Halia get her energy out. As you can see she is quite a monkey.

The splash pad was one of our favorite places to go. Just don't drink the water please!

She was so facinated with the dinosaurs at the dinosaur park. She would try to make a scary roar everytime she saw one.

You can never go wrong with family time at the Zoo. The train ride is mom and dad's favortie part.

The pool was a frequent this summer. Halia has no fear. When she got bored of taking her turn at the toddler slide, she would run over to the big kid slides and show those babies how its done.

Charlee and Addy are her 2 favorite people to hang out with. (Besides mom and dad of course) The slip n slide was one of the best investments. (Until Halia hits her head and gets a bloody lip. Happens everytime.)

The 4th of July princess. Besides the fireworks, the parade was her favorite.
This summer Sale's family had a huge reunion from his mom's side. His Gram was turning 93 or 94 (I lose count sometimes) and wanted to do one last hooray for her. All the fam from Hawaii and California came for a few days. We met some family we never met before. Sale's cousin's daughter, (understand?) had a little girl and named her Hali'a. Our Halia was born first so, no one can say we copied. She was the cutest, tiniest little thing. We have never heard of anyone with the same name before, let alone in our own family. Our Halia was so sweet and nice to her. Hali'a has a heart condition and has a pacemaker so she is so tiny. It was such a relief to see her be nice to another kid for once. Our Halia would just try to hug and kiss her. I could not ever get a good pic of the other Hali'a but you can imagine her cute little Hawaiian face. We hope to see them again someday.

The 2 Halia's

The family doing what they do best. Jammin.

Sale had an unfortunate mishap this summer. No big deal but he eventually had to get sugery. He had an umbilical hernia. No fun! He is doing much much better now. He makes every outfit look good. :)

On Labor Day we found out some exciting news! Halia is going to be a big sister! We couldn't be happier. We are expecting our son around May 18th. As of right now his name is baby brother, so don't ask. Lol!
The Monkey turned 2 this September! She is way too spoiled. She woke up from her nap on her birthday to a front yard full of family and 2 bounce houses. Can you imagine waking up to that as a kid? We had pizza and banana splits and cupcakes. I made her a cute monkey cake. She loves her Uncle Elmo(Jim). We have no clue why she calls him Elmo?

We announced the news to family with a shirt she got for her birthday at the party. I guess this is the best pic I had of her in the shirt. It says "I'm gonna be a big sister," on the back says, "coming soon May 2011." It was great. But Halia was obvioulsy more excited for her bikes and scooters her aunts and uncles got her.

Trick or Treating was a whole new exciting experience this year. After the ward trunk or treat, she quickly figured out what needed to happen to get candy. Despite the cold and rain, this cute little witch ran from neighbor to neighbor to fill her bag of treats. It was so much fun!
Halia is quite artistic. She will color and paint anything. Including herself. She was so proud she painted her own "pretties"
When Halia turned 2 she started to go to daycare on Fridays. We call it "school." They did such a cute little program for the parents.
We were so excited for Christmas this year. Surprisingly, Halia loved Santa and ran and sat right on his knee and said, "presents." Everything about Christmas she loved. Lights, singing, treats, decorations, trees, were so fun to her. So of course we couldn't wait to live through her excitement when she woke up Christmas morning to her new kitchen. Unfortunately, Halia had strep throat and a 104 fever all of Christmas. So we didn't quite get the reaction we imagined in our heads. She would unwrap a present and set it aside. It was like she was just unwrapping it just because we told her too. Poor baby. But she eventually loved playing with her new toys.
This was a big year for Sale! Can't believe how old my husband is? He insisted he wanted nothing to do with a party. All he wanted was a day at the spa. So we went together and got pedicures and massages at my work and had a great dinner at our favorite place Kobe. It was more of a combined celebration for both of us since my B-day is 2 days later.

Well, there ya have it! It feels good to be caught up. I told my friend my new years resolution was to try to keep up on my blog and she won't let me forget it. J/K Tricia. I'm glad you are holding me to it.

Today is Valentines Day! Hope your day is full of love and happiness! (Mine will, as long as I get some yummy cakebites from the sweet tooth fairy bakery. Hint.. hint.. Sale.)


The DeGiulio's said...

Congrats on baby #2! That is so exciting. Halia has gotten so big I miss seeing you guys at church. I love the picture of her painting her own toys, too cute. Hope you guys are doing good!

Tami said...

Yay! Congrats on your pregnancy! Baby boy!?! Sounds awesome! We are actually expecting a boy at the beginning of July as well. So fun, keep us posted!
Oh, and we miss our student ward too. So many fun memories!

... said...

Yay! Congrats on baby boy. I'm so excited you've decided to update! I love reading about cute Halia. I love her 4th of July outfit, such a cutie! Love you Jaimee!

joN aNd tRiciA said...

It is about dang time woman! I LOVED all your pics. This is a good start to the year ;) Thanks so much for the post. Please keep up on these. Its hard living so far away and not being able to see you and your cute fam! we miss you guys so much!

Michelle said...

What cute pictures! Loved getting an update! Congrats on baby #2, how exciting :)!!

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

SOOO nice to see updates!! Yay! I am so excited for you to have a boy! And Halia is getting so big! She is so cute!

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

yay!!! im so excited about this post! Im glad you did it! I love seeing pics of Halia! Im so excited for your little boy! he is gunna be just as adorable as his big sis! love ya!

The Davis' said...

You are so cute! Congrats on being pregnant with a boy that will be so fun for you guys! Glad you updated! Hope all is well!