Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick update with new pictures :)

Christmas was so much fun this year. Halia was too easy to spoil, as you will see with the pictures below.
Halia loves her cousins Charlee and Addy. One of their favorite things is to have "pajama parties."

Halia with all the goods from mom and dad. (I know we went a little over board, but its mostly all educational stuff?!) :)

Takin a ride on her very own pony from Grandma and Grandpa
Waiting patiently for everyone to arrive so they can open presents.
All the cousins with Sale's Gram and Mom
Halia has discovered a few of her favorite things to do lately.....
She loves to play in the snow on our little hill
Eat with her feet on the table. Or.... eat her feet?
Curl up on her sponge bob chair, (from Grandma Booty) and read a good book. (Don't worry, my mom is really talented and made a really cute pink cover for the sponge bob chair. yikes!)Halia's hair is getting thicker and longer, so we have been trying out a few new styles. Below we have the "whale spout pony." Sale was not a fan of this one. :(
Below here we have Velcro curlers.... very cute in a stick your finger in a light socket kind of way... more pics to come on this issue. We have yet to try the side "whale spout" and the "piggies." Maybe tomorrow?
Remember about 7 months ago when I did a post about Halia biting, and I wanted any advice I could get? Well.... I told you.... my kid is a baby vampire! If you don't believe me just drop your kid off with Halia in nursery and you'll see! Yes, that is blood drippin from her mouth!
I know these pictures are sad, and you must be thinking how horrible I am to make her pose for them, but she actually wasn't crying and was pretty lively. :) The other baby she bit was pretty hurt though, I won't post any pictures of that. JUST KIDDIN! Actually, she tore that thing inside your upper lip that attaches to your gums, right off. She fell on her face with her sippy cup in her mouth. She bled, and bled, and bled, for over 2 hours. She couldn't get stitches, so the doc said just let it be and it will heal. You should've seen her sheets the next morning. Yikes! But I have to say, I'm a little concerned, she just kept sucking her binky the whole time she was bleeding. Blood was dripping from behind her binky down her chest. Gross!... I know! I guess she likes that iron salty taste? RENESME?! J/K :) I'm sure there will be more accidents like this to come, since she runs everywhere she goes. Oh the joys!