Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yay for the Blog!...Send me your Blog addresses

Ok, so I finally decided to start a blog. My freinds have been trying to get me to do it for awhile now and so I finally did it. I can see how it can become a little bit of an addiction though. So... I worry for my daughter that I can become an irresponsible mother. Ha ha J/K! Anyways, I have tried to get caught up from the past 2 years and so far I have made it to Christmas. Now I just need to search for everyone's blog addresses. So If you could send them to me that would be awesome! I love lookin at everyone elses too. Its a good way to see whats goin on in everyones lives because, lets face it, we are all busy and don't get to see eachother as often as we would like.

Oh What a Wonderful Christmas....

This Christmas was the most fun and meaningful Christmas we have ever had. It is probably the 1st time that we really focused on eachother and our family. We didn't have much to spend this Christmas season since we just bought our new home and have a 3 month old. So we just really tried to remeber how truly blessed we are and start some new traditions instead of all the shopping and gifts. We really enjoyed spending time with our new daughter and hangin out with friends and family.

I just know she will be so embarrased one day that I made her wear this outfit on Christmas Eve. But, Cmon, what are mothers for right?
Halia turned 3 months old on Christmas!
Silent Night!
The Sunday before Christmas we went to my brothers house and had yummy Hawaiian chicken that Sale made, and then we had so much fun playin games. I took this pic of Halia in front of their tree. She just hung out there so contently while we all ate.
This was her cute Chrismas outfit that she wore to church. She looked like a little elf.
Halia and Dad opening her new PJ's on Christmas Eve.
Her PJ's were so cute. Sale and I picked them out for her. They were pink and said.."I love mommy... I love daddy"
Halia about to open her present from Mom and Dad on Christmas morning.
We gave her a glow worm. She loves it.
After we went to our families on Christmas morning, this is what we came back with. She got spoiled! We knew that would happen so thats why we only bought her 1 toy. (She really could care less and has no clue. All she wants for Christmas is milk. ha ha!)

Halia's Baby Blessing

I just loves Halia's blessing dress! I looked forever to find one that I liked and my sis. in-law Jen came to the rescue again! She told me about the website where she got her girls dresses. I absolutely loved their dresses so I was so happy to find out that they were a good price compared to everything else I had seen. The site is

She looked so pretty that day. Just look at that face!
She is so flirty already! She loves to strike a pose when I get the camera out.
Before I was done takin pictures she passed out! All that posing for the camera can be exhausting.
Her dad did such an amazing job with her blessing. It was short and beautiful. So many of our friends and family came to show their love and support on such a special day. We all went to his mom's after for some yummy Hawaiian chicken and Kalua pork. Sale has a huge family, so with everyone including our friends we probably had close to 100 people there to celebrate Halia. Thanks to both of our families for all of their help and support to make this such a perfect and memorable day. His Mom and Sis were up late, and up early making the food. It sure tasted good! By the time it was all over the 3 of us came home and just crashed!

Halia's First Halloween!

These are some fun pics of our first Halloween with Halia. She was makin some pretty funny faces. We dressed her up like a kitty thanks to my cute sister in-law Jen for lending me her kitty outfit. My niece Addy wore it 2 years ago when she was a new baby! (Thank goodness they were born about the same season so I can get all her nice hand-me downs!)
My friend Aspen gave her these darling Halloween Baby Leg Warmers. Her legs were still too skinny for them so they kinda kept falling down. She looked cute anyways!We went over to Grandma Janets house to take pictures with the cousins the night before Halloween. No one except Charlee Jo was cooperating. Addy is the Witch and Charlee and Halia are the Kitty's. How cute are they!Since it was still a little warm outside, we went trick-or-treatin with her cousins for a little bit. We just kept her bundled really good and had fun walking with the adults and watchin the little kids collect their candy. We went to this really cool street we heard about in Hooper. Everone just parks their cars along the street and hands out candy from the their trunks or stands at the end of the driveway with candy. It made it really fun and fast for everyone. At the end of the street this one house makes the biggest pot of chilli and hot chocolate I have ever seen and feeds everyone that comes! It was so much fun!
Halia talkin and makin faces at her dad. Jen also lent me these darling glow-in-the-dark Halloween PJ's. She looked so cute in them. It was funny to see her cute little body form glow in the dark.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Baby Glamour Shots!

These are a few pics that Sharstin Miller took of Halia for her newborn pictures. She was 5 weeks old here. Sharstin is such an amazing and talented photographer. It was quite an experiance...Halia went pee on me twice! Thanks Sharstin for being so patient.

The 1st Precious Weeks

The 2nd Best Day of Our Lives...Our Baby Is Here! Sept. 25 2008 4:30 am 8lbs 10oz 20.5 in

Sale's Dads Funeral

His dad passed while we were on vacation in Hawaii. Sale handled it very well. We left our friends in Hawaii early so we could be with his family in Las Vegas. Sale is the peacmaker in the family and they especially needed him during this stressful time. The service was beautiful and short. Sale conducted. I was proud of him. Sale and his siblings sang such beautiful songs to honor his dad.

Our last vacation before our new additon to the family - Hawaii 2008