Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

For my mom's birthday I made her this GIANT cupcake. It was so fun to make and so yummy! We decided we would take pictures of all her grand kids together for her present. It was quite a task to get Charlee Jo, Max, Halia and Addy to sit for a good pic. A friend from high school took these and they turned out so cute. Her name is Cathy Wall and her website is http://www.cwallphotography.blogspot.com/

Isn't she pretty!

Definitely her daddy's girl with those angry eyebrows.

Addy and Halia love each other. Halia wants to be a big girl like her one day.

Aren't these the cutest sisters you have ever seen!

People say Addy looks like me...what do you think?

Charlee Jo is such a good little princess.

Addy Lee needs a little more bribery.

Mischievous Max! Look at those big brown eyes.

What are you lookin at? Do you have any fish crackers for me?

I love my Grandma!

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

4th of July

1st parade! Halia got to be in the North Ogden 4th of July children's parade. My friend Aspen made her and Cienna matching tutus and flowers, with cute little leggings. My cute niece Jessi and nephew Tafa pulled them in the wagon. All the family saved their seats on the lawn in front of our neighborhood the day before, so they could see them in the parade. It was so fun!
Then we went to my brothers house for a BBQ with my family and cousins that were here from Ohio. Halia couldn't get enough of the swing.

After that we went to Sale's brothers house for a BBQ and to swim. Halia's other bff Ava and her parents came too. They loved the pool until Halia pulled Ava's hair. She is such a bully!

SuMmEr FuN!

So many new adventures! Halia took swimming lessons this summer. She is a natural fish! She loved it! She loved it so much that we did a second session with her friends from church. I think she is really gettin the hang of it. As soon as she is in the water she never stops kicking. Its so funny to see. It kinda makes me nervous how she is so comfortable in the water. She will keep crawling right into the deep end and it doesn't even phase her!
Halia and her Dad showin off their skills at her uncles pool on Founders Day.

We've been to the splash pad in South Ogden a few times. She's Obsessed with the water spouts.

Halia found her cousins Charlee and Addy at the splash pad one day. Soooo fun!

We've had a few BBQ's with Halia's bff Laney and her parents. They were tryin to encourage each other to climb the stairs in this picture. Those girls are always up to somethin.

Halia's friend Ellie invited her and Laney over for a BBQ and pajama party. Her parents really know how to cook! :)

This is Aisa and Halia at another summer BBQ. (he is 4 months younger than her! Fatty!) Halia is upset because she thinks he wants her bottle. I always tell her that just because he is fat doesn't mean he always wants her bottle. J/K Natatlie! :)

So far we have had a pretty good summer. Halia makes us actually get out and do stuff together which has been so great.

Monkey Business

The Zoo! We have been to the zoo 3 times this summer! I wasn't sure how much Halia would be able to enjoy, but as you can see by the picture below she can always manage to find some dirt to eat. The first time we went to the zoo we went with all of her friends from church. It was so cute to see the babies faces when they saw the animals.
I know Halia is a Monkey in our eyes, but she has some catchin up to do!

I think her and mommy's favorite part was the train ride at the end of the day. The breeze was so nice.

This never happens! She was so exhausted and overwhelmed from all the fun she just couldn't take it anymore!


The next time we went to the Zoo was with her Daddy. We couldn't resist the Carousel this time. Halia picked the Gorilla to ride on since its personality is most like hers.

As you can tell she loved it! ;0

These little monkeys were her favorite. She would pound on the glass (sorry zoo) and go "ohh, ohh, ohh." Aren't they so cute!

Halia and her Dad are so silly!

The 3rd time we went to the Zoo her Grandma and Grandpa spoiled her and took us with them. She even got to pick a toy. She picked the creepy lookin Lemur that squeaks. I don't have any pictures of that because my camera broke:( Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, we had fun!

Happy Fathers Day

This year was Sale's official 1st fathers day. Halia made him the cutest card with her footprints on it and bought him his shoes he has been wanting for awhile. Sale is such a great father to Halia. He is so sweet and gentle with her. I think every Dad needs a daughter to soften them up. I definitely don't give in to her like Sale does, and she knows it too. Sale's mom had a special dinner for all the dads. The wives were all supposed to bring a dessert. The dads would then vote on whose dessert was the best. I thought I could at least win the best presentation. What guy doesn't like a cheeseburger and fries right? So I made mini burgers out of cupcakes, brownies, coconut, and frosting. The fries are made out of sugar cookies sprinkled with sugar. I was pretty impressed with myself. Well, after all that hard work we didn't end up voting because some of the wives didn't "know" it was a competition. Sale said I won in his eyes. ;) It was a lot of fun. I just want to tell Sale how great of a Dad he is to our little monkey. She absolutely adores you and loves to hear your voice. I have a wonderful Dad myself and I know how important the bond between a Dad and daughter is. My Dad is a great Dad and Grandpa. I know Halia is going to make some fun memories with her Grandpa. Lucky you Dad, you are the only one she has!

Sooo BIG!.....So Many Changes!

Halia turned 9 months on June 25th. She is so crazy! Her spirit is just too big for her little body. She never ever stops! She doesn't exactly crawl, she does more of a run crawl. She sometimes tries to go so fast he legs do a little crawl hop. She definitely would win a crawling contest. Anyone want to challenge her? She will pretty much eat anything now. And always wants whatever she can't have.

As you can see she is huge. Her stats for her 9 month checkup are

Head- 75%

Length- 97% 29.25in

Weight- 90% 20.14lbs

She is always into somethin these days. Just look at that face. She looks so sneaky!

She got her first few teeth and already knows how to use them! (sorry to everyone and their children she has bitten!) I love the two bottom teeth. I think its so cute with just those two.

Halia is quite a Mozart these days. She is so entertained by any kind of music. Her Grandma and Gram are determined she will be a talented hula dancer and singer.