Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A quick update......

Life has been so busy and crazy so I wanted to post a few pics. of the last month. Halia is napping so I have to be quick!

7 Months Old!
Thanks Jennifer for letting Halia borrow this cute tutu!
Halia loves to eat and play with her toes. She is attempting to crawl now!.....but she is still not sure what to do yet thankfully!

She loves music! While I'm at work she learns to sing, and play the ukulele and piano with her dad and Grandma. She gets so excited when she sees the ukulele come out! Sale used to sing and play while she was in my belly. I think she recognizes it?

Her new trick is that she discovered her tongue. She loves to make faces and make clicking sounds with her new discovery.

We finally got Halia her own seat at the table. She eats so much better now that she feels like she is sitting with us. (As you can see from the picture above) :)
The picture on the above left is Halia at her friend Leilani's prince and princess birthday party. All the kids got to make a crown. Didn't Halia do such a good job on hers? ;) The picture on the left is all the wonderful books we got for $5.oo at the Salt Lake Library book sale! As you know, books are expensive but every kid loves them. So...Halia and I had so much fun gathering all these books up to take home. Thanks Rachel Cagle for the tip on the sale!
Halia and her cousins Charlee and Addy having a pajama party while their parents went to visit a friend for a few hours. They had so much fun going to see the cows and horses in our backyard. Then they made blueberry muffins and watched Horton Hears a Who. Halia loves to play with her cousins. (In case you couldn't notice. Ha ha!)
This picture is of Halia taking a nap. She was sitting on my bed watching me get ready for church when she got soooo tired she just literally fell over to rest her sweet little head. I couldn't resist taking a picture. (of course I laid her down after so she could be more comfy)

I love this picture of us. I guess I'm always the one with the camera so I don't really have many pics of us together. We were across the street looking at the herd of buffalo when her daddy snapped this pic. of us. Its took dark to see but, the buffalo are just on the other side of the fence.
One morning I woke up and looked out my kitchen window to see this not even 15 feet away from my window! The barn has been abandoned for the last 8 months so it was quite a shock to see and smell, the herd of cows there. Halia likes to watch them so I guess its ok.
May 16th, 2009 5k on the birthday! Last Saturday was the Ogden Marathon. I got to run the 5k with the cute girls from my work. They sponsored us to run so that made it even better. I really haven't ran too far since I had my baby but I surprisingly finished! My sis in-law Jen ran the 5k for her first time and it was her B-day. I'm pretty sure she surprised herself how fun it was. (I also must mention it was my cute lil, sis. Lindsay's birthday and my cousin Ryan as well) My bro. Andy ran the full Marathon! After Jen and I ran the 5k we went home to get the kiddies and waited at the finish line to cheer him on. It was so inspiring and motivating to see all those people of all different ages and sizes cross that line. Maybe someday I will be able to do it at least once? Later that night my boss invited over the ones who ran that day for an amazing steak dinner. It was so much fun! Now I can barely walk..... next time I better train first and at least run a couple miles a few months before right?! Good job Andy and Jen!