Monday, August 24, 2009

Just one less thing...

Some of you may have already checked out this site since I've always had it under my list of fav. sites. My friend Jessi Pond makes the most adorable invitations, announcements, cards, etc. She is so very talented and she has done our Christmas/Birth announcement, and Valentine cards for us. It's so nice to send a quick email to her and let her take care of just one less thing that I have to do. Its so easy, I send her the pics, she makes it, she emails me the draft, I take the CD to Costco, and there you have it! If you are in the market for any kind of personalized cards, definitely check her stuff out. Also, if you put her button on the side bar of your blog, she will take 5$ off your order! Be ready Jessi, I will be contacting you this week for Halia's birthday invitations!

P.S. For all you pregos out there, if your interested in taking childbirth classes, Jessi also teaches the Bradley Method Husband Coached Childbirth. It was the best thing me and my husband did to prepare us for the arrival of our little girl. We highly recommend it even if you don't want a natural birth. Jessi is so accommodating to your schedule too!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

10 months of MORE and MORE energy

So Halia turned 10 months on July 25th. She is so full of life. She never never never stops moving. Not even in her sleep! She always manages to scratch herself somehow and it always seems to be on her eyes. This is how I found her in her crib when she woke up from a nap. So sad! It looks worse than it really was. She just had picked a scab from a previous scratch. So it bled into her eye. She seemed as if she had no idea she was bleeding so I guess she was ok.
Halia is learning so fast. She learns new things everyday. Some of the things she does are...

Waving Hi and bye, Says... momma, Dada, ball, hi, owa, (Samoan for no)and she talks to herself in her own language or possibly Samoan since I can't speak it. She loves to clap after performances on So You Think You Can Dance. She will start clapping when you sing, patty cake, or If your Happy and You Know It. She loves to jump when you hold her hands and say Jump, Jump, Jump, or dance, dance, dance. She now has 4 teeth which hurt even more when she bites. (Any suggestions on the biting thing would be appreciated. I think she is quickly losing her friends.)

Blog Slacker!

Ok, so I finally updated the blog. There is a few posts of the last few months but obviously I still have more updating to do since my Mom's Birthday was like over a month ago, and Halia is now 10 months. I'm tryin, I'm tryin! She just never stops!