Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Secrets of Motherhood"

Oh man have I had a rough past week. It seems that every time Sale goes out of town Halia gets severely sick. A few days before Sale leaves I start making a list of "things" and "projects" I'm going to do during the 5 days he will be gone. Well, I guess Halia got worried we wouldn't spend enough time together so she made sure of it by coming down with a horrible stomach virus. She was so miserable, poor thing. I had to miss work all last week. A few days later I got sick. (Halia was still very sick by now) What more could go wrong after cleaning up her vomit and diarrhea off the kitchen floor for 6 days? Sale finally gets home and he gets sick! Not to mention various other family members, cousins, grandmas, and grandpa also got it. Soooo fun!

It is weeks like these where I really contemplate motherhood. Days have gone by where I have not seen the outdoors, my hair needs to be brushed, dishes are piling up, towels, blankets, and vomit buckets are spread everywhere, (just in case Halia explodes) and I feel like I just want to climb in bed and forget about my responsibilities as a mother and a wife and go the sleep for a day.

Well, hallelujah for a new week! My mother gave me this great book called, "A Mother's Book of Secrets" by Linda and Shawni Eyre. I have started reading it during these past sleepless nights. I have been motivated and rejuvenated by these amazing women/ mothers, and their stories and adventures of raising a family. It has reminded me about what it is I love about being a mother. I freaking love being Halia's mom and I'm so lucky she chose me! I highly recommend this book to any mother. Every section is only two to three pages and is so full of insight and ideas. I love to get advice and hear what works for other families and try to incorporate new ideas into my own family.

Some of the "Secrets" I have learned so far:
  • Look for the light in the trenches (they will be gone before you know it)
  • Some days "Motherhood is like being pecked to death by a duck" ( I felt this last week, not fun.)
  • Let some imagination in once in a while
  • When we visit "Wit's End," it makes the precious moments that much better (tested this out already last week. It's true!)
  • Serendipity (I wonder what will happen to me today? Instead of, "what do I have to do today") Example: oh, its ok that Halia had diahrrea all over the tile floor in the kitchen, I needed to mop anyways so I guess I will just have to do it sooner than later. :) Ha ha!
  • Enough is Enough ( just spend time)
  • Prayer works (sometimes its all that gets me through the day.)
  • Take time for yourself (Seriously!)
  • Nurture your marriage, its the best gift you can give your children. Its number one. After all, when they are all gone and grown, its just you two again.
  • "Whatever" (who cares what anyone else thinks, no one is really that perfect library mom. Say, "whatever!" a lot, and pick your battles.)
  • Look for magnificent opportunities for creativity instead of being irritated
  • Be your own kind of "Best Mom"
  • Push to make memories instead of life being the same every day.
These are just a few ideas for me to remember and work on. I love being a mom more and more everyday. Thanks mom for the book. Its just what I needed to remind me of why I'm doing what I'm doing. Thanks to all my friends who are also amazing mothers and inspire me to be better. It sure makes this adventure fun when you have others to relate and brag to. Below are some pictures of the madness and memories of late. Halia has too much energy for her own good.
Poor sick babies! Still so cute.

Her head sliced open from the side table in the hotel room in Vegas. She was running as usual

All fixed up!

Just being Halia! Goofy girl!

1st Easter Bunny experiance at the Baby Animal days. Thanks for taking me grandma!


Trent and Christy said...

thanks so much for your post! I think we all need to hear those things sometimes!! Hope she's feelin better!~ ;)

The DeGiulio's said...

Sorry you guys have been sick. Sounds miserable especially with sale gone. That sounds like a great book I will have to get it. Thanks for sharing.

Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

oh jaimee im so sorry to hear how sick you guys were! im so sorry! your such a doll and so is halia! hope all is well now! i miss you!

Trish Havili said...

Oh James, you're a great mom. Thanks for being honest I still think your an awesome woman! Love the tips from that book, your mom is so wise, LOVE HER! Sad about the picture with the cut, my second is accident prone and has had stitches twice on his face =(
We need to get together so our kids can meet. Love you much!!!

Reeder family said...

oh man I feel for you. It sucks so bad when your sick. Those are some way cute pics you posted of halia. so cute!hope your feeling better.

Michelle said...

My Mom just gave me that book and now I'm even more excited to read it :)! You are such a good Mom! Being a Mom definately is not easy but it's the best thing in the world :)!