Monday, April 5, 2010

Crib and bedding for sale!

I have a client who is trying to sell this beautiful crib and bedding. The crib is a sleigh bed style and converts into a toddler bed and also into a full bed. The crib and bedding was used a total of maybe 4 times and is basically brand new. She would like to get rid of it, so... for everything, including the top of the line crib mattress, she is asking 300. What a deal! If you are interested contact me and I will put you in contact with her.
My client is also an amazing seamstress and has sewn a few adorable things for Halia. Below is the cute Hello Kitty skirt she made for her. Halia is so funny because when I got her dressed on this particular morning, she was insisting on putting on these boots! I thought is was so cute, she kept sayin, "shoos, shoos" so I gave in and let her wear them even though they totally didn't match her outfit. (I changed her shoes before we left to be seen in public anywhere) :)


Reeder family said...

you should buy that crib for your next baby silly. Halia is so funny, i love her boots. Your client is amazing! love her work.

Matt and Lindsay said...

you should have jsut let her wear the boots, she will start trends!!!! love this girl!!!