Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anyone who is pregnant or knows anyone that is pregnant or is planning on becoming pregnant please watch

Monday On 2News @ 10: Prescription For Heartache

This story is about my brother and his wife. She is pregnant with their 3rd child, a baby boy, and is due in about 6 weeks. A horrible mistake that has caused so much unneccary stress, worry, and special appointments with the neonatalogist for most of her pregnancy. So far, everything is ok, but no one should ever have to deal with this. She decided to come out with her story because she doesn't want anyone else to have to deal with this. You have to check your medications...unfourtunately you can't always trust the pharmicst. So scary. This is the clip for the trailer but please tune in to watch the story on Monday night.


Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

yikes!! i will record it.

Jenni said...

Watched this on the news - so scary!! Our thoughts and prayers will be with your brother and his family!