Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Son the Warrior

What a long, stressful 7 weeks!  Usually when you have a baby the time goes by so quickly as you see your baby grow.  After a few weeks you are usually putting away the newborn clothes and trying to pick out which new 0-3 month outfit to put on first.  I feel as if these have been some very long weeks.  I am just trying to take it one day at a time.  It has seemed as if  I have taken 2 steps forward and then 4 steps back, over and over.

After 2 weeks of constant bleeding with nursing, I made the hard choice to stop nursing and do strictly formula.   He ate plenty and seemed fine.  He acted fussy and colicky but I wasn't sure if thats what it was since Halia was so easy.  We took him in for a check up at 4 weeks and he hadn't gained more than a few ounces in 2 weeks.  He spit up allot but you always hear that it may look like they spit up all they ate but it really isn't.  Well, obviously he was spittin up more than he should.  He was under the 25th percentile.  So we started him on the expensive formula for fussiness and gas...

He seemed a generally happy baby.  Just wanted to be held a lot.  5 days later he started pooping white.  By the end of day 5 on the gentle formula he was having a lot of blood in his diapers when he had a bowl movement.

I took him to instacare immediately.  They decided to know for sure we needed to have his blood drawn to rule out the worst.  Since he seemed generally healthy, the doc on-call told me to switch him to Soy formula until we get the results back.  By now we have spent $38.00 on formula in 5 days that we didn't end up finishing.  The worst thing ever, was to have to watch him get a needle stuck in his arm to get his blood drawn.  They strapped him down to a back board with only his head and arm showing.  Kinda like a papoose.  He was so brave and strong and luckily it was over quickly.  It was so sad to see the blue tape to keep the pressure on his arm.
I was getting anxious because he was still having blood in his poop and started spitting up more.  I didn't want him to lose more weight.  It was the weekend but I had our pediatricians cell#.  I kept bugging him until he got back to me.  He would be able to help us since he knows the baby's history better than any other doc would.  He said to stop the Soy and he would meet me at the office to give me some samples of some Hypoallergenic formula.  He was able to check his blood tests online and everything turned out good.  It seemed that his symptoms were consistent to Milk and Soy allergy.  In the meantime I decided to try to get my breast milk back.  I took supplements and pumped and was able to get a limited amount.  It wasn't the same milk from before but it was worth a try.  It was very watery looking.  It was almost impossible to avoid all soy.  Soy is in everything!

A few days into the new formula, Isaia started fussing more and spitting up allot as well as choking on clear mucous.  So...we tried another, a prescription from enfamil, a few days later he started to slow down his eating and spitting up more. He got more fussy and upset.  So...we tried Enfamil Nutramigen.  It's over the counter but it cost more than $4 every time we fed him!  All of these formulas are for babies with cow's milk allergy so basically the milk protein is broken into tiny pieces so he could digest it.  We were hoping this would be it for him even though it was going to cost over $25 a week to feed him.  We just wanted him to feel better and gain weight.  A few days later... he started having blood in his spit up!  Feeling so overwhelmed and worried I text my doc again.  On his way home from work he stopped by to drop off one more formula for us to try.  He said when you have a severe allergy it inflames everything from your throat all the way down and that was causing the blood.  We are crossing our fingers that this is the "secret formula" otherwise the next step is the Gastronologist.  I really don't want to put Isaia through anymore pain.

He has been so strong through all of this.  The pic above is all the formula we have used in the last 5 weeks!  I really hope the Enfamil Nutramigen AA is the last one.  Its Amino Acid based and smells like a swimming pool.  But he eats it and that's what matters.  He has been on it since last Thursday and seems to be doing better.  I actually think he looks bigger too.  We hope we can get it as a prescription and have our insurance help pay for it.  I hate that we have so many opened unfinished formulas.  I have a huge can of soy that we maybe made 6 bottles with.  If anyone wants it let me know.  It's yours for free.

You always wish that your baby can stay new for a little longer.  The one thing that has been nice is that he has stayed new looking for a little bit.  But after a month of that I was getting too worried and just wanted him to get bigger.  I feel like most people have their baby figured out by now and can get back into daily life and routines.  I feel as if every week has been like the beginning over and over again.  Especially when I was trying to get my milk back.  I know as soon as we figure it out he will catch up real quick.
As week 7 begins we are hopeful that the beginning of our future Samoan Warrior and future line backer is in the making.

We sure appreciate all the love and service we have received from everyone.  All your thoughts and prayers have been so needed and helpful.  Some day I will be able to return the favors.  Thank you again.


The DeGiulio's said...

Im so sorry, that sounds so hard to keep switching formulas that are expensive & trying to figure out what will help. I hope that last formula works for you & insurance will pay for it.

Reeder family said...

I'm so glad to see more pictures of your cute little baby, he is adorable. I had no idea he was having such a hard time with formula, I hope it gets better :( please let me kow if you need anything.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you've had a rough few weeks :(! Hope things turn around soon and hope your little guy starts gaining some weight. He's so cute! You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Oh goll, I am so sorry. What a hard way to start out the first few weeks of life. It's soooo stressful trying to make sure your baby eats and grows, I experienced this somewhat with Charli. I hope everything is good from here on out!

HaViLi ... said...

SO SAD!!! You're such a trooper Jaimee as well as your little man. I hope everything is settled down by now. He sure is a cutie!!

hoLLY said...

oh jaimee you know Im always here for you!!he is adorable tho!

Jeff and Erin said...

Poor little guy and poor mommy! I can't even just never know what you're going to get thrown at you. I'll be thinking about you guys and pray this formula works and he will start growing!
scares me to death to be a mom but I can't wait!
Love you guys!